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How it works?

  1. You choose which plan best suits your eating habits;

  2. After completing your purchase, we will send you our box with our snacks every month;

  3. That simple! Hey, what are you waiting for to sign?

Escolha sua assinatura

Encontre a melhor opção para sempre ter um snack saudável com você!

  • Conhecendo

    Every month
    Para você que quer conhecer aos poucos nossos snacks. Nesse plano cada pacote sai por R$15,20
    Valid for 6 months
    • 5 Snacks no Total
    • 1 Manga & Cúrcuma
    • 1 Mandioca & Alecrim
    • 1 Chlorella
    • 1 Beterraba
    • 1 Mix
  • Surreal

    Every month
    Perfeito para quem sempre quer ter um snack pra beliscar. Nesse plano o pacote sai por R$14,27
    Valid for 6 months
    • 15 Snacks no Total
    • 3 Mandioca & Alecrim
    • 3 Manga & Cúrcuma
    • 3 Chlorella
    • 3 Beterraba
    • 3 Mix

Haven't found the perfect subscription for you? Do you want to make a plan where you only have one or two flavors?

Contact us via WhatsApp: (11) 2640-4213 and we will make a personalized one for you!

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