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Our story

It all started with microalgae, like chlorella, but we wanted to eat in a tasty, plant-based way and with a lot of Brazilianness.

We started the mission to develop and deliver solutions, providing a higher quality of life in a sustainable and innovative way.

So Surreal Bisks was born, a plant-based healthy snacks startup, which brings together  attributes of the food innovation ecosystem and consumer trends in its products. In addition, our projects prioritize Brazilian ingredients and those belonging to more sustainable production chains.

We always look for:

  • Valorization of native ingredients and significant production in Brazil;

  • Convenience, healthiness and flavor;

  • Nutritional density for the product category.

Gluten Free - Lactose Free - Vegan

Our products have:

  • Low sodium, fat and caloric value;

  • Low in saturated fats;

  • High fiber and protein content;

  • We do not add sweeteners, we use low sodium salt;

  • They are all vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free;

  • Based on cassava and beans;


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